Dredging & Geo-morphological Advisor

Dredging & Geo-morphological Advisor

Angola LNG  Soyo, Zaire, Angola

Job Role & Responsibility

  • Provide expert advice to the Marine Team on all conservancy matters to ensure the navigable waters of Port of Soyo are maintained for safe, unrestricted access to the ALNG marine terminal for export tankers and for other users to Kwanda Port.
  •  Manage the contractor services allocated to support marine operations, including contractual, Annual Maintenance dredging/Navigational Aids operations scheduling/supervision, inspections, QA/QC, cost control and HES to ensure that all activities are conducted in accordance with ALNG expectations for safe, incident free operations and all deliverables are met
  •  Develop and implement an ALNG in-house facility for undertaking bathymetric and land surveys, all basic survey equipment maintenance and office procedures to monitor siltation volumes and calculate the volumes required for the Annual dredging campaigns
  •  Develop and implement, an ALNG in-house facility for undertaking field and laboratory measurements, all basic marine data collection equipment maintenance, and office procedures to service long-term geomorphological and oceanographic support services for the operation of the port.
  •  Manage the on-site training of National ALNG staff, including Bathymetric and Land surveying, equipment maintenance, data collection, dredge supervision, to ensure compliance with ALNG Succession Plan
  •  Advise Contracts Advisor and Marine Manager of any instruction, changes or other issues that are pertinent to the management of the Works. Liaise with all ALNG departments, specifically the Marine and Engineering Departments. Ensure all activities are conducted to implement and adhere to the requirements of the ALNG HES management system and those specific accountabilities documented and summarized in the HES policy manual.
  •  Liaise with external consultants on dredging planning, management of mitigation measures to ensure the maintenance of stable conditions in coastal processes in the vicinity of the Ponta do Padrão;
  •  Assist with audits and inspections, both internal and external. This will include all contractor audits and inspections as required by ALNG and ALNG marine organization. Ensure that all audit non-conformances are rectified and compliant, and recommendations are addressed and handled accordingly.


  • achelor’s degree in Marine/Civil/Environmental Engineering (or equivalent
  • Minimum of five (5) years’ experience working in a broad range of marine environmental technical areas.
  • Experience of Dredging projects
  • Experience and understanding of Bathymetric and land surveying and Met ocean/Environmental data collection
  • Experience and understanding of the processes of ocean and river dynamics, in particular sediment transport and tidal/river current interactions.
  • Technically competent to understand complex (mechanical/ electronic/computing) aspects of marine measuring and data management systems.


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