Operations Manager – Luanda

Operations Manager – Luanda

Req Id: 3341
Job Family: Operations – Onshore Operations
Location: Luanda Shorebase, Luanda Shorebase

Operations Manager

As the Operations Manager you are empowered to make all the decisions to guarantee the operations delivery whilst creating superior value for the stakeholders: Client, Partners and SBM Offshore. In the Execute phase the Operations Manager ensures that the operational impact of issues are addressed appropriately (previously described as an Operations (Ops) Readiness Engineer or a Start-Up Engineer).
1) Operational Readiness (Execution Phase)
In order to prevent short-term decisions from being made in the execution phase which can cause avoidable problems for operations
– Ensure that a full-lifecycle view of commercial performance when managing revenue and costs
– Create mechanisms to manage operational delivery and set the tone early
– Create client and Joint-Venture (JV) operational relationships early
– Drive the ramp-up of resources and personally select key positions
The measures of your effectiveness in this will be:
– Level of client / Joint-Venture (JV) operational engagement.
– Evidence of the full – life cycle view in the execution phase.
2 ) HSSE & Compliance
In order that we meet our HSSE and compliance obligations with a minimum impact on production
– Ensure that the management system for risk prevention and mitigation, permit to work and Health Safety Security and Environment (HSSE) planning is implemented robustly and that regulatory compliance requirements are met.
– Ensure that Emergency Response measures are well prepared and tested.
– Build trusted relationships with CLASS and Flag representatives.
The measures of your effectiveness in this will be:
– Achievement of all compliance requirements
– The amount of production lost due to of compliance issues.
3) Asset Integrity
In order that Asset Integrity is maintained effectively with the minimum impact on production
– Coordinate maintenance activities to preserve Asset Integrity (AI) in line with the Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS).
– Ensure that decision-making considers all risks – safety, commercial, and contractual.
– Use your wide network of SMEs to test your own thinking and encourage others to do the same.
– Work with the Offshore Installation Manager (OIM) and regional staff to find opportunities for improvement
The measures of your effectiveness in this will be:
– The number of unplanned maintenance events.
– The impact of (planned and unplanned) maintenance on production
4) Operations Performance
In order that the onshore team is focused on enabling unit performance
– Lead the onshore team to provide the right resources to conduct operations and maintenance activities in the most efficient manner.
– Ensure that the onshore team is prepared to provide the first line of response in emergencies.
– Ensure that the overall activity schedule is updated and communicated
The measures of your effectiveness in this will be:
– Incident response assessments.
– Offshore Installation Manager (OIM) feedback on onshore team performance.
5) Commercial Performance
In order that our relationship with the client enables high commercial performance
– Manage delivery of our obligations according to the contract.
– Obtain agreement from client and partners as to outputs delivered.
– Understand client drivers and adopt the appropriate client management approach to manage client change requests.
– Know the detail of the contract intimately (but refer to it rarely) and choose which issues need to be fought for to protect our commercial position.
The measures of your effectiveness in this will be:
– Commercial performance compared to the target
6) Sustainability
In order that we minimize the impact of operations on the environment
– Monitor levels of emissions from operations
– Conduct Business Performance Reviews with key stakeholders (Client, Partner & Contractors) and implement agreed actions to reduce levels.
The measures of your effectiveness in this will be:
– The level of emissions compared to target
7) In order that our relationships with partners have the level of trust required to enable efficient delivery
– Provide appropriate level of transparency for Joint Venture (JV) partners
– Escalate potential Joint Venture (JV) issues for timely decision-making
The measures of your effectiveness in this will be:
– The Partner’s feedback
8) In order to make well-informed strategic management decisions which are based on accurate, timely and consistent information
– Report monthly on the Profit & Loss (P&L) and the ‘5 pillars’ performance.
The measures of your effectiveness in this will be:
– The data quality and timeliness

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