Aker Solutions is recruiting a Treasurer, to be based in Luanda, Angola.


Aker Solutions

Aker Solutions is recruiting a Treasurer, to be based in Luanda, Angola.

Treasury activities:
Periodically checks the amount of cash, which are under their responsibility
Analyzes all requests for payments, checking the recorded values
The procedure for the registration and verification of payment orders
Sending money orders – checks, bills, transfers, among others
Prepares the cash sheets and checks the values in box match the registered
Prepares bank deposits
Verifies the stocks
Provides the payment for expenses claim in accordance with the Company’s internal policies
Provides daily information to his superior, on the situation of the Department of Finance treasury
Prepares forecasts of cash flows in the short and medium term
Verifies whether the accounting cash accounts and the treasury cash leaves are coincident or deviations occurred
Proceeds to take corrective measures if power deviations in Box
Prepares Forecast Monthly Treasury
Establishes a comparison between the monthly forecast and the actual, check deviations and take corrective actions
Assists his superior’s planning and reporting of cash flows, ensuring the safeguarding of the Company’s funds

  • Monitors the bank accounts daily
  • Reconcile the bank accounts (SAP and Blackline)

Bills to pay:

  • Ensures that payment procedures are properly followed
  • Makes payments to suppliers and creditors, respecting deadlines


  • Receives, analyzes and processes the salaries of payroll and allowances to employees
  • Ensures that payments to employees are made on time
  • Performs payment of deductions and contributions of employees


  • Receives, analyzes and processes the payroll tax to the government
  • Issues payments and ensures that they comply with the deadlines established by law


  • Prepares quarterly “Cash flows” reports
  • Prepares weekly and monthly reports of the Treasury
  • Prepares weekly reports of payments


  • Work experience up to 3 or 5 years in a similar function
  • Academic qualifications at the undergraduate level or grade 12 + professional course with official equivalence in the areas, accounting, finance or the business management


  • Competitive compensation and benefits
  • Good work/life balance
  • Positive work environment with challenging tasks
  • Development opportunities

Only shortlisted applicants will be contacted
How to Apply

1. Documentation
Cover Letter
Curriculum Vitae
2. Application
Send your Documentation via email to [email protected] with the Subject line “Treasurer”


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