Angola Nationals Only.
Location: Lunada, Cabinda, Malongo Angola.
Duration: 1 Year.
Company: Petrolog Group, Angola

Petrolog Group, a private company, was established 40 years ago as an oil service company. Over the years Petrolog has expanded its services all over the world to include Drilling, Surface Logging and Mud Engineering, Geophysical Exploration, Exploration, Engineering Design, and Project Management.

We are looking for well-organized graduates to join our exceptional team as trainee engineers.
The trainee engineer’s responsibilities include attending meetings, conducting desktop and field research, performing all practical and administrative duties assigned by the supervisor, traveling to other sites when required, assisting on projects, offering suggestions for improvement, and writing up reports.
As part of our retention process, Petrolog Angola will retain successful candidates who satisfy the training council of the company.

Trainee Engineer Responsibilities:

Completing all tasks set by the supervisor and assisting wherever possible.
Observing existing strategies and techniques and offering suggestions for improvement.
Conducting research and collating data.
Working closely with staff to foster professional values and build good relationships.
Observing health and safety guidelines at all times.
Attending meetings and workshops.
Submitting to all forms of evaluation during the traineeship.
Compiling reports and delivering presentations to staff members and other stakeholders.

Trainee Engineer Requirements:

Relevant degree in engineering. (Petroleum Engineering, Oil & Gas Engineering, Geophysical engineering, Geologist)
Proficient in English – Both Written and Oral
Experience in a technical field would be advantageous.
Proficiency in mathematics.
Analytical and critical thinking skills.
Good communication skills.
Ability to maintain composure under pressure.
Ability to work in a team.
Good observation skills and a willingness to learn.

Only qualified candidates are to send an English version of their CV to the email: [email protected]
The email subject will be “Trainee Engineer”.
Only qualified candidates will be contacted.
Entry closes on the 17th of March 2023.

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