Recruitment – Rotating & Energy Effic. Engineer

Rotating & Energy Effic. Engineer

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– System responsible ie single point of contact for the Company to assure the status of the system (in its whole as per battery limits defined in mark-up P&ID prepared by BUMI during the project phase) to be in compliance with its design performances (see the column “systems” for the list of which systems he is assigned).

– Regarding plant reliability and improvement: present and/or recover installation effectiveness and efficiency (ie availability):within his discipline, support RCA for all corrective maintenance and unplanned maintenance events, and responsible when the event has happened within his systems.

– Concerning the reduction of asset risk: remediate when obsolescence control is compromised and/or plan prevention by organizing for obsolete component repair, or replaced with refurbished or repaired components.

– About project execution and readiness, focus on the fast track remediation when installation availability is threatened, also adopting unconventional improvement and modifications and temporary equipments. Another aspect to attack is expanding the remote monitoring reach to the equipment local panels and with extra sensorization. Furthermore the surveillance shall evolve to model enhanced type.

– Deploying conceptual, feasibility and definition engineering support for I&M (improvements and modifications), TAR (Turn around), TQ (Technical Queries), MOC (Management of change) ; either in house or leading and directing HQ specialists and engineering contractor by TOR/SOW; deliver studies, functional specifications, and Basis of Design; innovative technologies validation when required; The work done in house is for short and short-mid term tasks, while for mid and long term is more support and interface to HQ and/or vendors.

– Leading and/or provide discipline technical expertise for Root Cause Analysis (RCA). Lead or support in the definition of terms of reference for vendors specialistic activities onboard the FPSO, with special focus when connected to Root Cause Analysis (RCA) scope; follow-up the vendor scope of work and progress reporting, with special attention to the pre-demob report, eventual punch list and remaining pending activities; approve final report.

– Participating in technical safety and integrity management, including hazard identification and HAZOP activities, and reviews/audits;

– Carrying on rotating equipment and systems simulations (in house, and/or verifying and endorsing rotating equipment simulations from vendors and/or prepare TOR/SOW);

– Engineering and prototyping of critical equipment digital twins for surveillance and early detection of operating performance deviations (e.g. process, energy, vibration, auxiliary systems);

– Assuring FPSO documentation updating, i.e. first Basis of Design/Statement of Requirements (including rotating equipment modifications, improvements, temporary installation ) and contribute to the engineering of obsolescence resolution;

– Collection and analysis of relevant KPIs and contribute for operability and maintainability gap register;

– Engineering and prototyping of supplementary and/or temporary equipment/systems to improve/complement effectiveness of as built ;

– contribute to improvement of investigations with potentials pre-openings routine scan and RCA closure with ownership of entry (parties pre-mob TOR/SOW) and exit (parties pre-demob scope endorsement) key steps

– Support in the engineering of obsolescence damage control and obsolescence prevention benchmarking

– Participate to supporting Maintenance on major and minor equipment/system with digital twins for the different aspects: energy, mechanics, process

Support with the increment of installation tags that are available in PI

– Contribution to Oil treatment process KPIs within the specification by definition of monitoring framework

– Contribution to Gas treatment process KPIs within the specification by definition of monitoring and diagnostic framework

– Contribution to Seawater treatment process KPIs within the specification by definition of monitoring and diagnostic framework

– Contribution to PW treatment process KPIs within the specification by definition of monitoring and diagnostic framework

– Contribution to Flare reduction by definition of monitoring and diagnostic framework, not limited to that if there is a situation

– support to deliver information that Company a ranked register of high risk ROs & overall RO backlog to support the reduction of high risk ROs & overall RO backlog, and contingencies

– support in deliver a workflow for the reduction of override

– Support the alarms reduction by prioritization, split and safety criticality weight factor

– Contribute Reducingopen MOC

Sustain the barrier health and point risks reviews, support providing differentiation of barrier correlated to QRA

– Risk control: collaborate to reduction of overdue critical risk actions, and support in preparing criteria and tools for their identification



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